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Questions to ask worlds best SEOs before you do business with them


Before you do business with any SEO that claims to be a worlds best seos, you should be sure of what you are getting. SEO can either make or break your business, that is why you have to choose with care when hiring an SEO expert or firm.


Most people choose the wrong SEO expert/company, and this mistake costs them to lose lots of money and gain nothing. You should not let that to happen to you, and the more reason you need to ask the would be SEO service provider there 5 questions before you do business with them.


1.    What is your experience in SEO and how long have you been doing it?

If they don’t have any real experience, don’t go for them. When I talk about experience, I don’t mean long years of experience. If they have never done SEO before and this is their first start, you don’t want to be their first project.


2.    Which tools do you use?

Knowing the tool the SEO uses is crucial. There are different types of tools; the reporting tools, technical SEO tools and research tools. These tools are useful as they help you adhere to Google’s guidelines for SEO. But if the SEO mentions tools like SE Nuke, Demon or Bookmarking, don’t do business with them.


3.    Can you assure us that our site will rank at the top for a major search term?

If their answer is yes (bold yes) don’t do business with them, they are not real. No worlds best SEOs  can guarantee you #1 rank for a major search term; they are not Google. The reason why they cant assure you is that no SEO knows how Google algorithm will change, neither do they know the exact Google algorithm, and whereas Google can penalize you anytime, so no one is sure.


4.    How would you build our link?

This is a question that must be taken with caution. If the worlds best SEOs wants to build your link by going after spammy link sources, then don’t do business with him. Examples of spammy link sources are low-quality sites, article directories and commenting without purpose. Google doesn’t like these spammy link sources and could, therefore, penalize you. But if their idea is to build great content that would bring incoming links from other websites, you can give them a rethink.
5.    Why should we hire you?
This doesn’t have the right answer; it depends on you. If the SEO provider only reason to hire them is to build you more backlinks or because they are cheaper or maybe because they can give you fast results, think twice before choosing them.
Remember, you can not eat your cake and have it. Getting a good SEO provider will require money so if someone out there is promising to do SEO at a low price, think twice before doing business with them.

SEO is not a wait and get service; it takes some time to see the result. Choosing the right SEO would determine if your time and money are worthwhile. Before choosing an SEO, think twice.
There are so many scams posing as SEOs, but I believe this questions I have given to you in this article would be useful for you in weeding out the scams.